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Death and the Informant

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How do you solve two murders, two centuries apart, in a single week?

That’s the challenge freelance researcher Abbie Adams faces when landing two different jobs. Joss Freeman, the host of America’s Mysteries, needs her help with a pilot script before they’re both thrown out of TV business. The other job is for The Hunts Landing Times, researching and writing an article on a local murder from 1969 when the small college town of Hunts Landing was thrown into the national spotlight during the Apollo 11 mission.

With a deficit in her checking account, two hungry teenagers, and a busted hot water heater, Abbie needs both jobs. So, how does she solve two murders, in less than a week? She cheats.

She gives Joss Freeman the mystery of an informant from 1763 who warned the British of an imminent Indian uprising. She’s intimately familiar with the story; it’s the subject of her Ph.D. dissertation. Her failure to earn her degree is one of the most painful episodes of her life, and she’s never forgiven her mentor, Dr. Frank Wexler, for failing to support her research. For purposes of the script, this is the only story she can deliver to Joss in time – she has no choice.

The dilemma for Abbie? Wexler is connected to her 1969 murder victim, Rosalie DuFrayne, killed the night the astronauts came back from the moon. In 1969, Rosalie, the daughter of the Wexler family cook, worked at a party given by the Wexlers the night she died. Can she possibly remain objective while investigating a crime connected to the man who destroyed her academic career?

Probably not.

While Joss delves into the stories Abbie weaves, she talks to living witnesses from the DuFrayne murder, people who’d known and spoken to the victim the day she died. But when her witnesses are brutally attacked, and one is killed, Abbie is put on the alert; she needs to find Rosalie’s killer before he strikes again. And her biggest clue lies not in 1969, but in 1763, in the death of another informant.

Death and the Informant is the first in the Hunts Landing Murders Series featuring Abbie Adams and Joss Freeman, both fanatics about history, both unravelling murder mysteries centuries apart.

Status: Actively seeking representation.