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I attended the San Francisco Writer’s Conference this past February. What a blast.

Only at an event such as this one does a writer find this many genuinely interested ears, and I told anyone and everyone about my murder mystery, my sleuth Abbie, and my victim Rosalie. One night, at dinner in Chinatown, another attendee asked about my day-job, and I told her. Her response?

“Why aren’t you writing about that?”

 Because I never considered the fact that anyone would be interested in how and why I started my business. I told her so.

“Honey, you should be blogging about this stuff.”

Okay. The next day, I took Nina Amir’s session, “Blog Your Way To A Book Deal,” and was hooked.

The Resistant Entrepreneur is my collection of memories, trivia, tidbits, warnings and advice for women who want to own their own businesses.

Status: Actively blogging.


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